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Finally ! Believe it or not - here is a new photo from the BOFA ! 

Finally SOMETHING from TBoFA


ugh I would still bang him when he’s hungover.


South Bank Sky Arts Awards, 2013 (x)




big nerd.

sexy nerd

I beg your pardon?

bcgifsEdmund Talbot


just Tom..

ben c week day one: fave role
↳ Julian Assange (The Fifth Estate)


Evening Standard Magazine

They’re both so stunning.




His reaction is so adorable. You can see the moment his face softens in the 3rd gif.

Oh my god. He doesn’t even know where he is or what’s just happened any more. He’s literally staring at the most competent and remarkable man he’s ever known. Yes, his hand is still pressed against the wound as per John’s instructions but you can not only see him going from “what the hell no” to “oh fine I’ll do it because it’s you” in the third gif. You also see him going from “I’ll do this for you” to “I’d do anything for you, you utterly remarkable human being” in the last one. 

This was definitely, definitely almost positively so, so deliberate on Benedict’s part.

When you’re an actor and you make a face like that and relax it in a scene like that it is DEFINITELY to draw attention to the switch/change in emotion/thought.

and I might even say he injected a hint of lust into that